Being a wedding photographer is not easy as I have one chance to photograph, there is no retake. For you it’s one of the big expenses of the day so you expect me to get it right. Documentary Wedding photography is different to classic wedding photography. It’s a non intrusive approach to capturing your day. I do not direct or orchestrate. It’s a genre that is growing and is also know as reportage, photojournalism, candid or observational photography. I prefer the term ‘pure documentary’ as it encapsulates what i do, document your day and telling your story. My aim is to capture unique images that are unusual and emotional and that capture the essence of your day. With no interference from me, you are able to spend more time enjoying your day with your friends and family, the people who are important to you. Remember your wedding day is about the two of you and you need to enjoy the day to.

I do take some limited formal shots on the day. These take about 15 minutes and involve the immediate wedding party eg. the bride and groom, parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ushers. This keeps things simple which helps keep the flow of your wedding day natural and relaxed. My past experience of weddings have found that couples appreciate that approach.

I use natural light as much as possible, so no flash until the dance floor. Natural light in my opinion gives much more depth to your photographs. However if the light is very poor at your ceremony or reception location then the flash might have to come out. Documentary photographs look more timeless and interesting when you look at them again in 20 years time, they are not as static as staged shots. If you have looked at my portfolio you will notice I prefer black and white images as my main medium although I do supply colour images to. Let’s put it this way black and white will capture the very soul of your day, while colour will capture the celebration.

My style of photography requires me to get close, sometimes very close. I have found that people tend to forget I’m there shortly after I start shooting thus I am able to get those moments of laughter, fun and emotion easily. I work all day capturing those little moment you have not witnessed, memories I hope will make you laugh, smile and sigh. I love photographing people and would love to photograph your wedding for you


"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs" Ansel Adams.


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